Just WHO is Hen Rietta and WHO are the Peeps?


How do you describe Hen Rietta ? She is a chick with class but she doesn’t know it. She is full of energy and heart and unafraid to run full speed through life. Adventure is her favorite past time along with cha * cha * CHANGE! Sometimes she could be your best friend or on other days, your worst nightmare! She’s fun, fresh, unique, imaginative, talented, outrageous, sweet, intense, brilliant, sensitive. Other days she is both shy and outgoing, sincere, naughty, sorry, honest, cool, nerdy, adorable, annoying, happy, sad, organized and disorganized. She is a complete homebody yet always wanting to fly the coop! How can one bird have so many conflicting characteristics?

The Peeps are Hen Rietta’s friends and she has plenty of them! They may even resemble some of your friends! That is what makes Hen Rietta and the Peeps so much fun! They are all about girlfriends!!!

Keep your eyes out for Hen Rietta and the Peeps, someday coming to your neck of the woods!


6 Responses to “Just WHO is Hen Rietta and WHO are the Peeps?”

  1. lo Says:

    Hen Rietta sounds like a loverly gal.

  2. Emlee Says:

    Can’t wait to meet the peeps! Are they chickens too?

  3. Julia Says:

    She doesn’t look that nerdy to me.

  4. kearna Says:

    Does she ever wear glasses? I can picture her wearing them and typing for some reason.
    Rock climbing up a cliff?

  5. Hen Rietta Says:

    oh Lo, Emlee, Julia and Kearna! Thank you for stopping by to meet me. The Peeps are coming soon. They are my friends! You can see them in the header above. I have been told I am nerdy. I don’t mind at all I like i!. . . . and yes, I do have glasses! I don’t wear them too much and my baby chicks always tell me to PUT THEM ON!!

    Stop by again! I love company!!

    love, Hen Rietta~!

  6. Hen Rietta Says:

    The Peeps are all of my friends. I have a zillion of them in all shapes and sizes. You will meet them soon. – Hen Rietta

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